Things I love: “All Marketers are Liars” – Seth Godin speaks at Google

What I really loved that Seth Godin talked at Google about is how marketers need to tell a story and make someone feel something. Companies need to make real connections with consumers, be sincere and be remarkable. Social Media can be an outlet for this, but if it’s done insincerely I think it can be disastrous.

See the talk below, it’s a bit long but very worth it. Why can’t we all work at Google? Thanks to @allenmowery for the link!

A Brush with the Greatness of Jim Gaffigan

One of my favorite comedians of all time Jim Gaffigan is having his new Comedy Central Special Sunday March 29 8:00 Central Time. Jim has employed the use of Social Media to promote this by doing a video log or “VLOG” everyday. His VLOGs have been pretty darn funny and it’s a great example of using Social Media to promote. I even participated by doing a VLOG for Jim.

Jim responded to me in his next video!! Tell your friends :)

There’s also another fan holding a contest for viewing parties, and just happens to be in the Rockford, Illinois Region. What a weird coincidence!

This is just another great example of how Social Media can help market and event and inspire someone to help you out. I’m currently building my YouTube Channel myself and have really enjoyed interacting with everyone on YouTube. My new Flip Mino HD has been the big change in my Social Media purcuits, if you don’t have one and want to add video I suggest you check them out –

Tips when creating online content, don’t make it too long 90-30 seconds if possible. In other words get to your point quickly. FYI – the Flip Mino HD version also will take longer to upload to YouTube so that’s a tradeoff to take into account.

I’m hope some of my videos go viral and keeping my fingers crossed.

Viral Videos & Humor

As you can see below the videos I shot while out with some friends don’t exactly have a “point.” However, I think it’s important to keep a sense of humor while online and doing something silly can break up the monotonous tone blogs can take if there isn’t any humor introduced. So enjoy I hope you get a least a little chuckle from the clips below.

THE Social Media Magical Tip of the Century

Probably 3-5 times a day I see some link to “Top 10 Tips” for Social Media Success or any other variation of that kind of post. Granted I think a lot of the tips are really good and useful, I think they really miss the point. If I had to give someone advice on using Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or YouTube it would to – be genuine. Make it your goal to start a conversation with your customer or end user and let them get to know you.

One of my favorite people on twitter is the CEO of, sells shoes online and their CEO gets it. You may be asking yourself what do you mean he “gets it,” well the CEO’s posts range from posts about Zappos to “ – So would you rather have the slinky, the wine, the shirt, or the girl? Decisions, decisions.

I think it’s really important for someone to have fun with Social Media and have a personality. People like to buy from their friends right? It reminds me of that scene in City Slickers about that “one thing.”

What’s your “One Thing?” I was watching a UStream from the Social Media Club Chicago panel discussion (Twitter Hashtag #smcchicago) and a lot of the questions from people seemed to be about how much time do you need to invest in order to get a return from Social Media? My question to those people is “what are you selling?” I don’t think there is any magical tip someone can learn like “for every 5 blog posts you should get a return of X amount of dollars.” However, over time this may be something you can learn about yourself. I’m not saying we can’t learn from people, but don’t let your lack of knowledge about what you should be doing hamper you from using Social Media at all.

I think Daniel Honigman @dan360man had the comment of the night on the panel “If you’re going to have a blog, be a blogger.” Sounds silly right? I think there’s a lot of knowledge in that comment. In other words, just do it, stop talking and do it. If you need help do research or hire someone to help you out (insert you clicking on my resume).

Social Media can be a very powerful way to communicate with potential customers and current customers, maybe you should (this blog post in video interpretative dance form by ME) -

Microsoft Got it Right with this One for Sure!

I don’t know about you, but I stop my DVR from fast forwarding through the ad below. It’s quick to point out and shows that PC’s are easy to use as well. What I wish Microsoft would let people know is ask a Mac user how to play [Fill in the blank Video Game] on their Mac. I wonder what the Windows 7 promotions will be like? Enjoy!

Someone spoofed the Mac PC commercial below about gaming, funny stuff!

Find a new job or hire someone on Twitter with JobAngels

I am very intrigued on the concept of JobAngels it’s something I find very inspiring that one person is doing their part to really make a difference and using social media to help people find work. I have asked them to assist me and they have already tweeted my information trying to help me find work. They linked to my website and cover letter. Their exact tweet trying to help me out was:

@jasonbroaddus is looking for a social media/mktg position willing to relocate – can you help him get connected?

The concept according to their website:

Rumor has it that my crackling cornflakes whispered an idea to me on the morning of January 29th. It was apparently hard to decipher over their milk-drowned voices, but eventually I could make out their message – “help people find jobs”. Their whole-grained wisdom spread to the world and all were saved. (End scene) Wow. So inspirational! :)

The real story is this. I was eating breakfast and thinking about the economy. We were in the throws of a debilitating week of job loss announcements and things looked to be worsening in all sectors. I had been spending a bit of time on Twitter and had accumulated about 700 followers, a large percentage of whom are experts and professionals in the HR sector. So I wondered, what if each of those followers helped just one person find a job? Could we actually make a difference? Here’s the original Tweet:

“Was thinking that if each of us helped just 1 person find a job, we could start making a dent in unemployment. You game?”

I think this is one of the great things about being connected and the new world you and I live. According to their website they have already “In this short period, over 1,500 individual JobAngels have already assembled across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Over 10,000 JobAngel messages have been sent across a myriad of online platforms. Angels have donated their time, their networks, their expertise and their hearts to this grassroots initiative (and we are just getting started)”

You can read more about it here. If you’re looking to hire someone or looking for work (I am currently, freelance welcome) you can follow them at, join their Facebook group, and on LinkedIn. I know times are tough all over the place so I’ll keep you posted if their help turns into anything, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Alan Moore message to young/up and coming artists

One of my favorite writers is Alan Moore if you have heard or read any of this stuff you’re missing out. Below he gives some good advice on getting a start, how to be successful and priorities. With economy the way it is I would hope there is some good art being produced. I’ve always been a firm believer that great art comes from great pain.

5 Tips on How to Think Creatively

These are five things that I do when I can’t come up with a solution to a problem that requires me to be creative. I hope you find them helpful.

  1. Watch TV – odds are the problem you’re trying to solve has been solved before, maybe it’s even been solved on an episode of Friends, or at least if you’re watching something funny it might lighten the mood, your state of mind and how you view things which can drastically effect the way you solve a problem.
  2. Take a shower – I have had some of the best ideas while not thinking about the problem at all.
  3. Brainstorm – for real, actually go and get a piece of paper and start writing down ideas and DO NOT FILTER any ideas at all no matter how dumb they may seem. What I have always found frustrating is when brainstorming in a group someone leads everyone in a “brainstorming session”. They then in turn filter everyone’s ideas through what they think is good or not. So, you’re not really “Brainstorming” at all you’re just waiting for whoever is leading the session to hear an idea they like. They key is to get a lot of ideas down, not evaluate them.
  4. Ask a friend or family member - present the problem you’re trying to solve and get a different point of view on it. They may not have the solution, but they may help you think about a solution in a different way.
  5. Go for a walk – or you can get on a treadmill if the weather’s really bad. If you’re stuck and you can’t think of a solution your mind isn’t really in the right state. It won’t get there if you keep just doing the same thing continually. More stimuli can help trigger a solution for you.

Do you have any tips on thinking creatively? Why don’t you share it in the comments section.

how to be creative - Hugh Macleod

how to be creative - Hugh Macleod