Two NEW Goals by Jason Broaddus

I have decided I have two new long term personal goals:

1. Run in a marathon – this is something I’ve always wanted to do and I think I’m going to follow a plan out of the Dean Karnazes book “50/50: Secrets I Learned Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days” among some other books. I know it will take time, I will struggle and in the end it will be worth it. Plus it will help me get into good shape for the wedding!!

2. Learn to speak Polish – this is because my fiancee is Polish and she often speaks Polish to her parents and I’d like to join in the conversation. Also, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to learn to speak another language. Since Ela speaks Polish I have the perfect person to practice speaking my Polish!
10.4.2010 The day Poland cried (Please read)

I’ll keep you updated! If you have any suggestions to help me in my pursuits please let me know!!!

I also wanted to share this photo I captured at the 2010 Chicago Marathon of Richard Whitehead – wow talk about some inspiration…

Richard Whitehead Chicago Marathon 10-10-10

Things I love: Put This On, Episodes 1-3 Denim, Shoes & Work

A video podcast I think every man should watch “Put This On” with Jesse Thorn. They’re brazilliant!!

You can check out their website at

Things I love: Leo Leporte – Mini Documentary

Okay so Leo Leporte is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE human beings! Below is a short documentary about his TWiT Network. Hope you enjoy! This was originally posted on

Things I love: “All Marketers are Liars” – Seth Godin speaks at Google

What I really loved that Seth Godin talked at Google about is how marketers need to tell a story and make someone feel something. Companies need to make real connections with consumers, be sincere and be remarkable. Social Media can be an outlet for this, but if it’s done insincerely I think it can be disastrous.

See the talk below, it’s a bit long but very worth it. Why can’t we all work at Google? Thanks to @allenmowery for the link!

Things I love: A Message from Ed Begley Jr. to Me

I was recently watching the special features on the Blu-ray for Pineapple Express and noticed a feature called “Begley’s Best,” I curiously clicked on it to find out it was a short documentary piece on Ed Begley’s eco-friendly cleaning products. What fascinated me was that Ed was seemingly doing it all himself. His goal to be like Paul Newman with “Newman’s Own” and he also give his proceeds to charities. Ed also doesn’t take a salary in case you were wondering.

So, I checked out his website at and emailed them about getting some cleaning products and could I also get a bottled autographed? I thought to myself, I might get an email back from an assistant in a few weeks, but to my surprise I got an email back in about half an hour from Ed himself (I didn’t really think it was him at the time). Saying he’d be happy to autograph a bottle for me just leave a message in the notes section of the order.

So, I did just that let him know that I wanted the autographed bottle of Begley’s Best Glass Cleaner. I also let him know how I heard about it on the Pineapple Express Blu-ray.

About an hour and half later I got a call from an 818 area code. I didn’t pick up because I didn’t know the number and then it said they left me a voice mail message. I checked my voice mail and to my utter shock – it was Ed Begley thanking me! So please check out Ed’s website at

See below for the actual voice mail message with some clips dropped in.