Social Media Marketing Guy – Do you need one at your company or organization?

Well I’m looking for some freelance work if possible. I have formal experience when I worked for the American Red Cross in Washington DC at national Headquarters during hurricane season. I was also on the “Advanced Public Affairs Team” or “APAT” as it was called when I was a Red Crosser. So I’ve seen it when things get really intense and dealt with large media outlets and also the very local ones. Public Relations and Social Media go hand-in-hand and should always work together.

If you want to establish an identity for your company through social media, have a plan and guide for you to go off of to empower your organization then I might be able to help you out. I also have an MBA from Rockford College and right now I’m a graduate student in the “Graduate School of Social Work” at Dominican University.

So, what that translate to for you – a person with a relatively open schedule that can work on a project for you with the skills and training to really add some real value to your company or organization through social media.

You can look at my resume for more information about my skillz (I like to use a “z” for emphasis).

Hope to hear from you soon,


PS. I’m now located in Berwyn, IL so I can easier serve the Greater Chicago area. I actually moved for school, but it’s easier for me now to work with people in Chicago – so that’s an added bonus. I have also worked with people in San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix and other areas across the country.

Adventures in Job Hunting: “Social Media Ninja”

Is this what Monster wants?

Is this what Monster wants?

This makes me nothing but happy! I was looking for a social media gig on and I found a rather interesting title for a job, it was “Social Media Ninja” at I know times are tough all over but it’s nice to see a little levity to lighten the situation. I could also be very wrong and Monster is actually looking for very talkative ninjas, which kind of defeats the purpose of a ninja in general.

The description was like I wrote it for myself. They’re looking for a creative person to can do video, blogging, twitter and other social media fun stuff. I tweeted about it and how I thought maybe a pirate might be better at social media, but if they want me to be a ninja that’s fine too.I have experience at the American Red Cross with their Advanced Public Affairs Team (APAT) with social media. I worked on their blog during hurricane season in Washington D.C. posting pictures, videos, and answering comments, tweeting, thinking of creative ways to convey the Red Cross message. We interviewed a volunteer about hurricanes and what’s the difference between a hurricane and a tropical storm. I’ve also done consulting with an author and a personal trainer, getting them set up for blogging, Twitter, Facebook and a few other outlets.

If you’re looking for a social media ninja/pirate or just a regular person who does social media please check out my resume. If you think you have what it takes to join monster as a “Social Media Ninja” just go to and search for “social media.”

Things I love: “All Marketers are Liars” – Seth Godin speaks at Google

What I really loved that Seth Godin talked at Google about is how marketers need to tell a story and make someone feel something. Companies need to make real connections with consumers, be sincere and be remarkable. Social Media can be an outlet for this, but if it’s done insincerely I think it can be disastrous.

See the talk below, it’s a bit long but very worth it. Why can’t we all work at Google? Thanks to @allenmowery for the link!

Letter to possible new employers –

I know this is a re-post, but I’m still looking for a position at a company that is in the marketing field. I am interested in joining organizations where creativity and results are valued I was most recently employed by the American Red Cross as their Marketing/Development Specialist. I took photos for the Red Cross at events, acted and filmed in a commercial, and got them involved in social media.

I am wiling to relocate and get more experience in marketing, writing and the creative world for the right opportunity. I know you need talented people, so let me tell you why you should consider me for an interview.

1. Ability to unify partners and work as a team player: I have experience at the Rock River Chapter working in their marketing and development I have taken part in building a new team, implementing a new website, create beneficial relationships to the chapter including in-kind donation of all signage, promotional t-shirts, and promotional material for our new annual event Rock’n for the RED.

2. Ability to multi-task in a high pressure environment: I have experience in events and working in high-pressure environments, while at the Rock River Chapter, I helped manage and coordinated Rock’n for the RED. Our new annual fundraiser geared toward younger demographics and a broader spectrum of donor. You can learn more about Rock’n for the RED at, it was an all day music festival featuring local artists. I was also on the Advanced Public Affairs Team in Washington D.C. for National American Red Cross where I helped manage the Online Newsroom Blog ( during Hurricane Gustav, Hanna and Ike. This blog was primarily used for national media outlets and also for the general public to get information on Red Cross disaster operations.

3. Excellent writing and social media skills: While at the Rock River Chapter I am responsible for their:

- Website
- YouTube Channel
- Facebook profile
- MySpace profile
- Twitter account
- Flickr account
- Blog

For more detailed information on my experience and skills, please see my resume.

Jason Broaddus

New Media and the New Homeless

Social Media and Nonprofits go hand-in-hand, they can have a large impact without a lot of capital investment. The below video addresses just that and was inspired by and @tGGtH on twitter. I’ve worked at an organization that deals with the homeless and my first experience with them was an eye opener.

Many of the homeless were just regular people who fell on hard times. Single mothers and children, teens, and twenty somethings. I think social media can have the power to bring awareness to our nations homeless and hope my blog post is a small part that helps people in need. Don’t get me wrong I’m the type of person that wants people to help themselves, but sometimes people need a pick-me-up from others and kindness.

Something you can do right now is just help people become aware of nonprofits and their missions.

Brianna also has a blog at You can follow Mark, who did the interview on twitter at @hardlynormal.

THE Social Media Magical Tip of the Century

Probably 3-5 times a day I see some link to “Top 10 Tips” for Social Media Success or any other variation of that kind of post. Granted I think a lot of the tips are really good and useful, I think they really miss the point. If I had to give someone advice on using Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or YouTube it would to – be genuine. Make it your goal to start a conversation with your customer or end user and let them get to know you.

One of my favorite people on twitter is the CEO of, sells shoes online and their CEO gets it. You may be asking yourself what do you mean he “gets it,” well the CEO’s posts range from posts about Zappos to “ – So would you rather have the slinky, the wine, the shirt, or the girl? Decisions, decisions.

I think it’s really important for someone to have fun with Social Media and have a personality. People like to buy from their friends right? It reminds me of that scene in City Slickers about that “one thing.”

What’s your “One Thing?” I was watching a UStream from the Social Media Club Chicago panel discussion (Twitter Hashtag #smcchicago) and a lot of the questions from people seemed to be about how much time do you need to invest in order to get a return from Social Media? My question to those people is “what are you selling?” I don’t think there is any magical tip someone can learn like “for every 5 blog posts you should get a return of X amount of dollars.” However, over time this may be something you can learn about yourself. I’m not saying we can’t learn from people, but don’t let your lack of knowledge about what you should be doing hamper you from using Social Media at all.

I think Daniel Honigman @dan360man had the comment of the night on the panel “If you’re going to have a blog, be a blogger.” Sounds silly right? I think there’s a lot of knowledge in that comment. In other words, just do it, stop talking and do it. If you need help do research or hire someone to help you out (insert you clicking on my resume).

Social Media can be a very powerful way to communicate with potential customers and current customers, maybe you should (this blog post in video interpretative dance form by ME) -