“The Break Up” – Marketing in Today’s World

I just wanted to pass along this great video I saw recently regarding marketing and the relationship between advertising and consumers. See below.

Social Media Marketing Guy – Do you need one at your company or organization?

Well I’m looking for some freelance work if possible. I have formal experience when I worked for the American Red Cross in Washington DC at national Headquarters during hurricane season. I was also on the “Advanced Public Affairs Team” or “APAT” as it was called when I was a Red Crosser. So I’ve seen it when things get really intense and dealt with large media outlets and also the very local ones. Public Relations and Social Media go hand-in-hand and should always work together.

If you want to establish an identity for your company through social media, have a plan and guide for you to go off of to empower your organization then I might be able to help you out. I also have an MBA from Rockford College and right now I’m a graduate student in the “Graduate School of Social Work” at Dominican University.

So, what that translate to for you – a person with a relatively open schedule that can work on a project for you with the skills and training to really add some real value to your company or organization through social media.

You can look at my resume for more information about my skillz (I like to use a “z” for emphasis).

Hope to hear from you soon,


PS. I’m now located in Berwyn, IL so I can easier serve the Greater Chicago area. I actually moved for school, but it’s easier for me now to work with people in Chicago – so that’s an added bonus. I have also worked with people in San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix and other areas across the country.

Adventures in Job Hunting: Monster.com “Social Media Ninja”

Is this what Monster wants?

Is this what Monster wants?

This makes me nothing but happy! I was looking for a social media gig on monster.com and I found a rather interesting title for a job, it was “Social Media Ninja” at Monster.com. I know times are tough all over but it’s nice to see a little levity to lighten the situation. I could also be very wrong and Monster is actually looking for very talkative ninjas, which kind of defeats the purpose of a ninja in general.

The description was like I wrote it for myself. They’re looking for a creative person to can do video, blogging, twitter and other social media fun stuff. I tweeted about it and how I thought maybe a pirate might be better at social media, but if they want me to be a ninja that’s fine too.I have experience at the American Red Cross with their Advanced Public Affairs Team (APAT) with social media. I worked on their blog during hurricane season in Washington D.C. posting pictures, videos, and answering comments, tweeting, thinking of creative ways to convey the Red Cross message. We interviewed a volunteer about hurricanes and what’s the difference between a hurricane and a tropical storm. I’ve also done consulting with an author and a personal trainer, getting them set up for blogging, Twitter, Facebook and a few other outlets.

If you’re looking for a social media ninja/pirate or just a regular person who does social media please check out my resume. If you think you have what it takes to join monster as a “Social Media Ninja” just go to monster.com and search for “social media.”

Things I love: “All Marketers are Liars” – Seth Godin speaks at Google

What I really loved that Seth Godin talked at Google about is how marketers need to tell a story and make someone feel something. Companies need to make real connections with consumers, be sincere and be remarkable. Social Media can be an outlet for this, but if it’s done insincerely I think it can be disastrous.

See the talk below, it’s a bit long but very worth it. Why can’t we all work at Google? Thanks to @allenmowery for the link!