How the Olympics Can Help You Learn From Social Media Feedback

It’s easy to be a keyboard warrior and be critical of someone or a company. When on the receiving end it’s best not to take personally, but you can learn from critiques. I try to take the Olympic method with comments – throw out the highest score and throw out the lowest score. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. Having a thick skin is key. My video below was inspired by a comment I received from @QuePR. Her tweet was:

QuePR: The no. 1 risk AND reward to using social media marketing is participation and increasing customer engagement. #awareness

QuePR:@jasonbroaddus Yep, definitely a two-edged sword :–) #awareness

I recorded a short video about Social Media being a two edged swords below. Hope you enjoy!

Social Media Coaching

One of my favorite coaches Papa Bear George Halas of the Chicago Bears.

I’ve always been into sports; I’ve played football, basketball, wrestled and even ran track for a very short time in high school. At this point in my life my sports career has been broken down to watching the Chicago Bears and Bulls on TV and playing pickup basketball games. Something I’ve also loved is helping fellow players while on the field of play. Bringing out the best in my fellow teammates and it’s been very rewarding to see someone perform to the best of their ability. I think most people have a lot more potential then they really think.

I’ve now turned over a new leaf and focus in my career and that is one of social media coaching. It’s a rather new term for me, but what I do is help people implement social media into their lives and business. This can include Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and others. Social media or new media can be very powerful and something I think ANYONE can take advantage of both professionally and personally.

I’ve recently taken on a new client and started to coach them on how to use social media and it’s been going great! My background in social media started while I worked for the American Red Cross both creating a local presence in the Rockford, Illinois area and also on a national stage at Red Cross’ headquarters in Washington DC during hurricane season. It was quite a change going from working with local affiliates to outlets like USA Today and CNN being on the phone or contacting me online.

While in Washington DC working at national headquarters we were able to leverage social media to our advantaging letting the public and media know about how the Red Cross is helping people. We’d get comments on our blog, questions on twitter and phone calls (the only way they used to get information to people) asking about how to get help and it really sped up the process getting the right information to the right people. This was all a direct result from the implementation of social media.

What I love about social media is that anyone can do it and there is very little barrier to entry. You don’t need to spend $20,000 a week for advertising anymore to reach customers.

So if you need some help getting into social media you can contact me.