Long time no post…but I’m back! Crop vs. Full Frame

Hello everyone! I’m back in a brand new way. In case you haven’t checked out studiofinch.com that’s a good place to see what I’ve been up to lately. I wanted to let you know that I’m changing the direction of this blog from just personal updates to a more photography tip, tricks and cool stuff type of thing-a-ma-jig.

This first thing I’d like to illustrate is the difference between a full frame camera and a crop sensor. Now you can good this kind of thing, but I think that the best way to illustrate my point is to simple show you a photo as an example.

Canon 40D 125th 2.8 1000 ISO (Click to see full sized image)

Canon 5D Mark II 125th 2.8 1000 ISO (Click to see full sized image)


As you can see the “crop sensor” on the 40D crops out part of the picture. Nonetheless, the 5D Mark II is also a much higher quality camera as well, but this helps illustrate the crop vs. full frame point. The 5D also lets in more light and has less “noise” in the picture. Click the pictures and compare.

So I hope this is just the start of more camera blog posts to help you along the way. If you already knew this, don’t worry we will get more complex along the way. Cheers!


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