Social Media Marketing Guy – Do you need one at your company or organization?

Well I’m looking for some freelance work if possible. I have formal experience when I worked for the American Red Cross in Washington DC at national Headquarters during hurricane season. I was also on the “Advanced Public Affairs Team” or “APAT” as it was called when I was a Red Crosser. So I’ve seen it when things get really intense and dealt with large media outlets and also the very local ones. Public Relations and Social Media go hand-in-hand and should always work together.

If you want to establish an identity for your company through social media, have a plan and guide for you to go off of to empower your organization then I might be able to help you out. I also have an MBA from Rockford College and right now I’m a graduate student in the “Graduate School of Social Work” at Dominican University.

So, what that translate to for you – a person with a relatively open schedule that can work on a project for you with the skills and training to really add some real value to your company or organization through social media.

You can look at my resume for more information about my skillz (I like to use a “z” for emphasis).

Hope to hear from you soon,


PS. I’m now located in Berwyn, IL so I can easier serve the Greater Chicago area. I actually moved for school, but it’s easier for me now to work with people in Chicago – so that’s an added bonus. I have also worked with people in San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix and other areas across the country.

Moving to Berwyn, Illinois on MLK Day – Fingers Crossed!

Someone picked me!

So someone did pick me for a roommate after all and I’ll be moving to the township of Berwyn, Illinois. Which is in the Chicago land area and also about 15 minutes depending on traffic to Dominican University where I’ll be going to getting my Master’s Degree in Social Work. I can’t wait to move and start my new life. Thanks to everyone that helped me find a place and I can’t wait to meet a bunch of twitter folks in the non-digital world. I have a feeling I’ll be posting a lot more about my adventures in the big city.

So stay tuned!!