And now Photographer Gregory Heisler

In a recent post on the Strobist he posted a video about Arnold Newman, a fantastic watch in which I learned a lot. Upon further investigation I bring you a video about his assistant Gregory Heisler (from Profoto). He camped out on Arnold Newman’s doorstep until he let him be his assistant.

“His iconic portraits and innovative essays have often graced the covers and pages of many magazines, including Life, Esquire, Gentlemens Quarterly, Geo, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and The New York Times Magazine, yet he is perhaps best known for his more than seventy Time cover portraits.”

Hello Possible Employer – Looking for a Creative and Artistic Problem Solving MBA? You’re in Luck!


I am interested in joining organizations where creativity and results are valued I was most recently employed by the American Red Cross as their Marketing/Development Specialist. I was involved with social media on the Advanced Public Affairs Team on a national level during times of disaster, financial development, photographyand marketing of the Red Cross in Northern Illinois Region.

In addition to my normal duties I also took photos for the Red Cross at events and acted and filmed in a commercial

I am wiling to relocate and get more experience in marketing, writing and the creative world for the right opportunity. I know you need talented people, so let me tell you why you should consider me for an interview.

1. Ability to unify partners and work as a team player: I have experience at the Rock River Chapter working in their marketing and development I have taken part in building a new team, implementing a new website, create beneficial relationships to the chapter including in-kind donation of all signage, promotional t-shirts, and promotional material for our new annual event Rock’n for the RED.

2. Ability to multi-task in a high pressure environment: I have experience in events and working in high-pressure environments, while at the Rock River Chapter, I helped manage and coordinated Rock’n for the RED. Our new annual fundraiser geared toward younger demographics and a broader spectrum of donor. You can learn more about Rock’n for the RED at, it was an all day music festival featuring local artists. I was also on the Advanced Public Affairs Team in Washington D.C. for National American Red Cross where I helped manage the Online Newsroom Blog ( during Hurricane Gustav, Hanna and Ike. This blog was primarily used for national media outlets and also for the general public to get information on Red Cross disaster operations.

3. Excellent writing and social media skills: While at the Rock River Chapter I am responsible for their:

- Website
- YouTube Channel
- Facebook profile
- MySpace profile
- Twitter account
- Flickr account
- Blog

For more detailed information on my experience and skills, please see my resume.

Jason Broaddus