Interview Guatemalan Older Adult: His Life in Guatemala

This is some footage I got while interviewing an older adult in Guatemala. I presented it at Caritas Veritas Symposium at Dominican University.

Things I love: Put This On, Episodes 1-3 Denim, Shoes & Work

A video podcast I think every man should watch “Put This On” with Jesse Thorn. They’re brazilliant!!

You can check out their website at

Chatham Neighborhood Chicago Illinois Interview with Rep. Marlow H. Colvin

Recently I did a study on the Chatham neighborhood in Chicago Illinois for a class I am taking at Dominican University earning my MSW. Below is an interview I did with Representative Marlow H. Colvin about the neighborhoods history and what makes them unique.

Things I love: “All Marketers are Liars” – Seth Godin speaks at Google

What I really loved that Seth Godin talked at Google about is how marketers need to tell a story and make someone feel something. Companies need to make real connections with consumers, be sincere and be remarkable. Social Media can be an outlet for this, but if it’s done insincerely I think it can be disastrous.

See the talk below, it’s a bit long but very worth it. Why can’t we all work at Google? Thanks to @allenmowery for the link!

How the Olympics Can Help You Learn From Social Media Feedback

It’s easy to be a keyboard warrior and be critical of someone or a company. When on the receiving end it’s best not to take personally, but you can learn from critiques. I try to take the Olympic method with comments – throw out the highest score and throw out the lowest score. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. Having a thick skin is key. My video below was inspired by a comment I received from @QuePR. Her tweet was:

QuePR: The no. 1 risk AND reward to using social media marketing is participation and increasing customer engagement. #awareness

QuePR:@jasonbroaddus Yep, definitely a two-edged sword :–) #awareness

I recorded a short video about Social Media being a two edged swords below. Hope you enjoy!

Alan Moore message to young/up and coming artists

One of my favorite writers is Alan Moore if you have heard or read any of this stuff you’re missing out. Below he gives some good advice on getting a start, how to be successful and priorities. With economy the way it is I would hope there is some good art being produced. I’ve always been a firm believer that great art comes from great pain.